10 golden quotes in life, one is worth in life!

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On the journey of life, we all hope to have a master who can guide us forward, but that is something that can only be encountered by chance.

But there is no need to be sad. After experiencing the ups and downs of life, you will find that the real master is life itself.

These 10 golden sentences of life are worth ten thousand sentences!

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

1. No one knows whether you are living a good life or not, but once you gain weight, everyone will know it.


Obesity is a breathing pain. As you age, your health will be affected by obesity.

No matter how confident a fat person is, he cannot avoid the regret of being looked ten years older.

Control your mouth and move your legs, then you can have a good body and a good life.

2. Fate has shuffled the cards for me, but I am still the one playing the cards.


Life is a live broadcast. There is no rehearsal and no redo.

Whether you have good cards or bad cards, you have to play them well; whether your life is going well or not, you have to…




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