6 Behaviors That Make People Dislike You

5 min readDec 7, 2023

In our quest for social acceptance and approval, it’s only natural to want to be liked by others. After all, we are inherently social beings, and the opinions of those around us can impact our mood and emotions. While it’s essential to prioritize self-acceptance, it’s also crucial to be mindful of behaviors that may inadvertently drive people away. In this blog post, we’ll explore six behaviors that can make people dislike you and the psychology behind them.

Photo by Sherise Van Dyk on Unsplash

1. Sharing Too Many Photos on Social Media

My friend often shares 10+ social media posts a day detailing every aspect of her life. As much as I care about her, it’s hard to connect when her online presence dominates our relationship.

In today’s digital age, sharing moments of our lives on social media has become second nature. However, a study by David Hutton suggests that there’s a tipping point when it comes to sharing photos. Excessive posting can hinder real-life relationships because people may struggle to relate to you if your online presence overshadows your offline interactions.

To maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, it’s essential to consider how your posts are perceived by your audience. Mindfulness about the content and frequency of your shares can go a long way in preserving those cherished connections.

2. Humblebragging: The Art of False Modesty

My coworker frequently mentions how busy he is with important projects in a faux humble way during meetings. It comes across as arrogant even though he’s pretending to be modest.

We’ve all encountered individuals who skillfully weave their accomplishments into conversations while feigning modesty. This behavior, known as humblebragging, tends to be unattractive. According to a study from Harvard Business School, honesty and straightforwardness are more likable qualities.

Rather than resorting to humblebragging, strive to be transparent about your achievements and experiences. Authenticity fosters genuine connections and garners more positive responses from others.




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