A classic case of cross-industry thinking generating profits

3 min readMar 29, 2024

A beautiful boss born in 1995 invested 100,000 dollars to open a beauty salon. In the past, she worked hard and spent all her energy in the store, and the profit in a year was only 100,000 to 120,000 dollars. Later, she received guidance from experts to improve the performance of the store. .

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First find the store manager and tell her that as long as she pays a deposit of 50,000 dollars, she will hand over all the management of the beauty salon, and tell the store manager that according to the performance, she can take profit shares. If the profit reaches 160,000 dollars, she will share 40% of it with you. The profit is 64,000. If the profit is less than 160,000 and reaches more than 120,000, then 20% of the profit will be shared with you. If the profit is less than 120,000, there is also a guaranteed 10% share.

From then on, the store manager worked hard every day to make sales, and then she listed 30 type A customers in the store, told the store manager to focus on serving these 30 customers. Then she introduced new high-tech projects, but these projects cannot be done in beauty salons. Then she formed a community of these A-type customers, and in the community She shares her daily food travels to attract fans, and there is a platform on top of her community. This boss has turned her beauty salon into a platform for employees to start their own businesses, and then regarded customers as a platform for continuous traffic diversion, and finally found a beauty agency to cooperate with them, saying that they had precise high-end customers, and finally monetized through beauty. In this way, they earned low profits from the beauty industry. The high profits earned in other industries enabled its annual net profit to reach 3 million, truly achieving cross-industry profits.

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The book “Wealth Freedom” once said that to make money in this era, we must break the traditional marketing thinking model. When we master the huge user or member integration channels and groups, we can achieve cross-border profits. Making money is also a smooth thing.

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