A middle-aged man can be infatuated with a woman, mostly from the fact that she’s appealing to his heart in such a way

6 min readFeb 17, 2024

Love is never something you spread your hands and the other person will give it to you;

Perhaps when young, many people will think that love is destined fate, is a sea of people, “more look at each other that glance”.

After reaching middle age, it will be a very deep sense: love is to live a practical life.

The happiness of life, on the one hand, is from the inner desire to be satisfied, on the other hand, from the side of things you can get down to earth.

Most of the middle-aged man’s infatuation, from his performance, is not how much of a confession, or, on the beach, full of roses in the romantic show of love, but he is in life, you can rely on the calm, and he will be willing to give up their part to give you want to fulfillment.

However, the premise must be, in his heart, the woman, worthy of him to do so.

After all, people of middle age, are love, not impulsive, not moving, but rational, is sincere in the sincere.

The following, a middle-aged man, will be very infatuated with a woman, mostly from the fact that she can be so attracted to his heart.

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Great energy. Warm colors.

Each person, themselves, is surrounded by a circle of energy.

The warmer your energy is, the more you will be able to attract those you love.

Just as an example, having seen a play, there is a scene.

On the weekend, the man had said he was going to work overtime, but the company had a power outage, so he had to go home, his worries at work, which were not lifted, were a bit depressing.

He goes inside and the house is quiet.

He pushed open the door of the study again, the scene in front of him was that his wife was wearing an apron, holding a palette in one hand and sketching on a drawing…




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