A person’s energy is strong, see his room will know

10 min readOct 28, 2022
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There was a director of Daily News before.

He gave a recruitment speech at University without making a sound, without using strong emotions, and without using flashy words.

But his personal energy is very powerful, there is a great inspiration, listen to the blood surging, and then decided to vote for the resume, so after graduation, I went to the Daily News.

After college graduation, I listened to too many classes, I found that: someone lecturing, his energy coverage, as if the lecture table is so big, you can easily listen to sleep; while someone is lecturing, the energy is like covering the whole room, you will listen very energetic, just like this president.

This is the difference between the size of a person’s ego space.

The space, where the ego extends, is the “ego space,” which can also be called the ego boundary, that is, the boundary to which the ego energy can extend.

In fact, each person has his or her own unique ego extension space.

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For example, a girl with serious psychological problems has difficulty interacting with people, and one of her perceptions is that she feels that her soul is shrunken in a matchbox.

A male visitor, when he first met his wife, was very shocked, and his feeling was: How can there be such a person?

This male interviewee also had a classic avoidant personality.

He severely avoids interpersonal interactions, and such a person is bound to be easily withdrawn from the home.

And even at home, he can only stay in a small place, such as the study, and even if he stays in the study, his ego does not extend to the whole study, but only to a corner, such as a part of the desk, such as a chair.

One of the most classic examples is a woman who is also severely avoidant and can hardly interact with anyone. One of her problems was that she couldn’t clean up her room.

You might think, “Isn’t this a joke? This is a reluctance, right?


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