A truly educated person: our temperament will never be greater than our ability!

4 min readFeb 28, 2024

There are four kinds of people in the world:
First-class people have the ability but no temperament;
Second-class people have ability and temperament;
Third-class people have neither ability nor temperament;
Fourth-class people have no ability and no temperament;
The more powerful a person is, the more self-deprecating and humble he is; the more capable a person is, the more calm he is;
Losing one’s temper is an instinct, controlling one’s temper is a skill;
A bad temper can only give people temporary happiness, but it will bring them long-term pain;
Never let your temper get bigger than your abilities!

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1. A bad temper is an obstacle to success.

Impulse is the devil. A momentary impulse can destroy your life and affect the lives of others;
Don’t be impatient in life, learn to control your emotions and restrain your bad temper;
Life is like a long-distance race, the key to victory is not the first burst;
But as for perseverance along the way, a good attitude is very important;
Success often means persevering for one more minute. If you don’t give up in that minute, there will be hope in the next minute;
When you wake up every morning surrounded by temporary sadness and failure, you must have a good attitude to face it;
The biggest obstacle to success is a lack of control over your emotions;
If you are angry, you cannot control your anger, which scares away the people around you;
If you are depressed, you indulge in malaise and waste many fleeting opportunities;
Because the weak let their emotions control their actions, and the strong let their actions control their emotions;

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2. Be a strong person in life and…




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