Beyond Friendship: 7 Telltale Signs Your Best Friend Has Romantic Feelings

5 min readJun 27

7 Signs Your Best Friend Is Secretly in Love with You

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your best friend has romantic feelings for you? When you spend a significant amount of time together and share everything with each other, it’s natural to question if there’s something more than friendship between you. In this article, we will explore seven subtle signs that may indicate your best friend is secretly in love with you. Pay attention to these signs and see if they resonate with your own experiences.

Photo by Matt Mariannelli on Unsplash

1. Everyone Assumes You’re Already Dating

Have you noticed that whenever you meet new people, they assume you and your best friend are already in a romantic relationship? This common occurrence might indicate that others see something you haven’t yet recognized. Consider if your best friend’s mood improves when you’re around and if they treat you differently from their other friends. These could be telltale signs that they have a deeper interest in you beyond friendship.

2. Constant Staring

Have you ever caught your best friend staring at you when you’re not looking? This subtle action could be a clear indication that they have a secret crush on you. When someone is romantically interested, it’s difficult for them to resist stealing glances. Their presence commands your attention, and their eyes are naturally drawn to you. If you frequently notice your best friend gazing at you, it may be a sign that they have deeper feelings.

3. Physical Affection

Observe how your best friend behaves physically around you. Do they hug you tightly every time you meet? Do they hold your hand while walking together? Physical affection such as these gestures can be nonverbal signs of romantic attraction. If your best friend desires to be close to you, it’s natural for them to express their feelings through touch. Pay attention to their actions and see if their physical affection goes beyond what you would consider normal for a friendship.


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