“Buy Water, Get a Car” Business Model: How Does the Boss Earn 20 Million?

3 min readNov 12, 2023

In an unusual marketing move, a water plant launched a striking promotion: Purchase $15,000 worth of water and receive a fully paid $15,000 car for free. The seemingly loss-incurring proposition raised eyebrows, yet the enigmatic boss managed to amass over $3 million in 36 months. How? Let’s dive into the intricacies.

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The Art of Strategic Purchases

The boss, savvy in business acumen, began by procuring 200 cars in bulk directly from the manufacturer. This bulk purchase enabled a significant discount, reducing the cost of a $15,000 car to $10,000. Similarly, the cost of $15,000 water amounted to $6,000.

Finding Profit Amidst the Offer

To balance the cost disparity, additional profit points were identified. The cars given away came in specified colors; any deviation warranted a $450 charge. Moreover, for an automatic transmission upgrade, an additional $1,200 was added. Each alteration contributed to the boss’s commission.

Leveraging Added Services

Beyond the basic offer, the boss secured further income through auxiliary services. A mandatory insurance purchase of $450 for the gifted cars yielded a 30% rebate, amounting to an additional $675. Altering the car’s interior, another profitable avenue, earned an extra $225.

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Calculating the Gains

By encompassing these supplementary avenues, the boss could accumulate profits surpassing the water’s total cost, effectively yielding an additional $300.

Extended Profits via Distribution

Expanding the scheme, the boss distributed $15,000 worth of mineral water to dealers over 36 months. Dealers, upon receiving $11,900 worth of water, additionally obtained $4,760 at each transaction. This led to a surplus earning of $5,280 per dealer.

The Numbers Behind the Strategy




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