Can we still be friends with someone we truly love?

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In theory, some people think it is possible, while others think it is not. Those who think it is possible feel that after all, you have loved each other once and know each other well. Even if there is no love, you can still have friendship and continue to be friends to look after each other. Those who think it is not possible feel that it is awkward to be friends again because you have loved each other, and it is not conducive to the next relationship. You should not have any more interactions and stop communicating with each other. In reality, some people become friends, while others stop communicating or intersecting with each other. And those who can become friends are extremely rare.

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Generally speaking, you can still be friends if you have at least four prerequisites:

First, the two of them broke up by peaceful agreement, without any unpleasantness, without any grudges left, and both sides let it go;

The second is that they were close friends before and then developed into lovers;

Third, there is no emotional involvement, but there is still work or business contact or cooperation that needs to be maintained;

Fourth, some individuals may still have feelings for each other and are interested in laying the groundwork for a reunion.




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