Changing myself is “god”, changing others is “crazy”

7 min readApr 22, 2024

In recent speeches, I have increasingly emphasized “ personal responsibility ” —

The emotional feeling pattern you hold will allow you to create events and characters that fit your emotional pattern in your own living environment and life situations so that you can feel them.

Therefore, when we don’t like what we feel (inferiority, sadness, grievance, contempt, self-blame, etc.), we will push away the people and things that make us feel these things, or want to correct them or blame them, Anyway, they are just looking for trouble outside.

Because it is difficult and uncomfortable to change your long-standing and ingrained emotional habits (but once you change, it is liberating once and for all).

To correct people and things outside, not only do we have someone to fight with (compared to competing with ourselves), adding various colors to our lives, but we can also blame others and create various dramas, making our existence more meaningful.

Many people do not live a peaceful life. They must have various dramas in their lives to feel alive.

However, this kind of drama queen is usually not happy either. Because their various relationships must be relatively tense, their work will be affected, and their bodies will develop problems after a certain age.

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