Check this out: Research says that guys with high IQs and those on the lower end of the scale react totally differently when faced with the “opportunity” to cheat!

2 min readDec 3, 2023

Now, if you’re not planning on being single forever, it’s time to level up both inside and out to create that happily-ever-after marriage.

Having high standards gives you more options, helping you find a great partner! Smart guys not only earn more, but they’re also more loyal. Cheating is just not their style — it’s like paying a hefty price for something negative, and who wants that?

But remember, these are all probabilities. Just because you’ve seen one brainiac guy mess up doesn’t mean it’s a rule — probability, people!

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Research even found that dudes with higher IQs have a lower chance of having affairs. There’s a significant positive correlation between intelligence and loyalty. According to Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa from the London School of Economics, guys with an average IQ of 103 tend to be more faithful.

On the flip side, less faithful guys clock in at an average IQ of 97. So, it’s not just about book smarts; it’s about relationship smarts!

Why do brainy guys cheat less? Well, the study suggests that higher-status guys (around 1% chance of cheating) have more to lose, so they’re less likely to stray. On the other hand, lower-status guys (up to 30% chance) might feel the need for more conquests due to resource concerns.

Evolutionary experts think this links back to our caveman days when one guy had many wives. But hey, in today’s world, being faithful is a win, and higher IQ guys get that memo better.

Now, this isn’t a blanket statement for women, though. Smart ladies don’t necessarily correlate with loyalty, according to researchers.

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In conclusion, whether a woman cheats often depends on her satisfaction in the relationship. They’re not usually out for a fling — more like looking for an upgrade.

On the flip side, guys often cheat not because they’re unhappy with their partners but because they’re seeking excitement. And guess what? The ones more inclined to cheat are often on the lower IQ side.

So, ladies, level up! It’s not just about avoiding cheating; it’s about avoiding a whole bunch of other issues too. Smart guys want someone who can contribute to a great life, so be that awesome version of yourself. You’re worth it, and the dating market knows it!




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