Crack the Code: Learn How Women Truly Desire to Be Talked to!

5 min readJul 4, 2023

How Women Want You To Talk To Them

Many men find it challenging to approach and talk to women they are interested in. The fear of rejection and lack of confidence often hold them back from taking action. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of being courageous and authentic when engaging in conversations with women. By understanding what women truly want, you can improve your chances of building meaningful connections. So, let’s dive in!

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Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence

1. The Story of Jeffrey and Adonis

The story of Jeffrey, who had a crush on Jessica but never mustered the courage to speak to her, highlights the common fear men experience. On the other hand, Adonis, who understands women, embraces conversations with confidence and excitement. It’s crucial to recognize that being shy and waiting for the “right time” can make you appear less attractive. Women are attracted to courageous and confident men who take action, regardless of their fears.

  1. Example: Jeffrey, a shy individual, had a crush on Jessica for a long time but couldn’t gather the courage to approach her. Instead, he silently admired her from a distance. However, when Jessica started dating someone else, Jeffrey realized he had missed his chance. The fear of rejection prevented him from taking action, resulting in regret. By understanding that regret hurts more than rejection itself, you can overcome your fear and approach women with confidence.
  2. Embrace Courage and Honesty: Example: Adonis, a confident individual, understands the importance of courage when interacting with women. He engages in conversations with enthusiasm, displaying genuine interest and attraction. His conversations are filled with playful banter, sexual tension, and excitement. Adonis knows that being upfront about his feelings and intentions is key to creating a connection and capturing a woman’s attention.
  3. Teasing and Light-hearted Banter: Example: Hamza, during his teenage years in Army Cadets, had a crush on a girl but lacked the confidence to express his feelings. Instead, he would silently observe her in class, hoping for the right time to approach her. However…




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