Cracking the Foundation: 8 Factors That Can Break a Relationship

5 min readJun 27

8 Things That Break a Relationship

Relationships are complex and delicate. They require effort, understanding, and compromise from both partners to thrive. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can contribute to the breakdown of a relationship. In this article, we will shed light on eight common reasons that can lead to the demise of a relationship. Understanding these factors can provide valuable insights into your current or future relationships. Let’s explore them in detail:

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1. Lack of Trust: The Foundation of Relationships

Trust forms the bedrock of any healthy relationship. When trust is eroded, it can lead to the eventual collapse of the partnership. Trust issues often manifest as jealousy, possessiveness, emotional or sexual infidelity, mind games, and unreasonable demands. Insecurity, stemming from internal fears and preconceptions, is often at the root of the problem. To prevent these issues from reoccurring, individuals often focus on personal growth and self-improvement after a breakup.

2. Poor Communication: The Silent Killer

Effective communication is crucial for a relationship to thrive. Couples who struggle with communication are often doomed to fail. When partners judge, criticize, or challenge each other’s worth, contempt grows. This leads to a downward spiral where both partners bring each other down instead of uplifting one another. As mutual respect is lost, finding a solution becomes less motivating, and blaming each other becomes more prevalent. Poor communication also gives rise to misunderstandings that can push partners further apart.

3. Different Expectations and Priorities

At the beginning of a relationship, common interests and physical attraction create a spark. However, as time goes by, the realities and demands of daily life settle in. If the partners’ interests and priorities don’t align, resentment can grow. One partner may feel that they are sacrificing too many of their needs for the relationship, while the other might prioritize work or personal goals. Different expectations and priorities can often lead to a breakdown in the…


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