Cracking the Guy Code: 8 Signs He Secretly Likes You

5 min readJun 30, 2023

7 Things That Make Others Subconsciously Attracted to You

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Are you interested in learning about the factors that make people attracted to each other? While physical appearance plays a role, there are other aspects of attraction that go beyond looks. Discover the secret factors that attract people to each other. It’s not just about looks — delve into seven intriguing aspects of attraction and enhance your desirability. Keep reading to find out more. In this article, we will explore seven intriguing factors that can subconsciously make others attracted to you. So, if you’re curious about enhancing your desirability, keep reading!

1. The Mysterious Allure of Sunglasses

Have you ever wondered why sunglasses make people look cool? According to Vannessa Brown, a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, sunglasses can contribute to overall facial symmetry by concealing any imperfections around the eyes. Additionally, they create an air of mystery by hiding the eyes, which are considered significant sources of information and vulnerability. So, next time you don a stylish pair of shades, remember that they may enhance your attractiveness subconsciously.

2. The Power of Androgyny

A study conducted by Dr. Linda A. Jackson from Michigan State University found that individuals with both feminine and masculine attributes are often perceived as more attractive. Androgynous individuals were considered better adjusted, more likable, and even had advantages in the occupational domain compared to those who exhibited solely masculine or feminine traits. So, embracing a blend of gender-linked characteristics might amplify your appeal to others.

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3. Kindness: A Secret Ingredient of Attractiveness

Being kind not only has a positive impact on your relationships but can also enhance your physical attractiveness. A study from China revealed that people who displayed positive personality traits were rated as more attractive when compared to those with negative or neutral…




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