“Crocodile Effect”: Children who grow up to be successful have parents who can stop losses in time

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Some economists made a hypothesis based on observations from various aspects.

A crocodile bites a person’s foot. If the person turns around and slaps the crocodile with his hands, the crocodile will bite his foot and hand.

The best way to escape is to give up one foot, don’t do anything, and don’t have any hope of luck.

This is the famous “crocodile effect”. The basic principle is that people should know how to stop losses in time to avoid getting into greater trouble and pain.

Along the way in life, there will be many “crocodiles”, visible or invisible.

As parents, we will also encounter many “crocodiles” in the process of educating our children, for example, children’s academic performance drops, they make mistakes, they become tired of studying, fall in love early, etc.

Using different methods to deal with the “crocodile” in children will bring about very different results. If you can stop the loss in time, the family will be sunny and the children will have a promising future when they grow up.

Photo by Alberto Casetta on Unsplash

1. If parents cannot stop the losses, their children will make one mistake after




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