Deciding that a man loves you doesn’t depend on your dedication or your beauty, but on giving him this feeling.

5 min readJun 22, 2024

Love is not just a moment of heartbeat and romance, but also staying together day and night, and accompanying each other in the changing seasons.

How to keep love passionate and fresh? Some people think it depends on dedication and companionship, while some people think it depends on financial strength and resources.

When two people live together, they both want to find their value and position and want to know whether their choice is worth it.

Only when you feel that you are needed will you have more motivation to manage your relationship.

What determines a man’s love for you is not about dedication or beauty, but about giving him this feeling: the sense of value of being needed.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

1. Being needed gives men a sense of accomplishment in marriage.

Jane is an excellent full-time wife.

She can not only take care of the company’s business but also protect her family.

Gu Jia alone has the final say on matters such as buying a house, renovating, contacting top kindergartens for her children, inspecting factory production, dismissing and hiring…




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