Decoding the Unspoken: 6 Indicators That Someone Is Hiding Their True Feelings

5 min readJul 1, 2023

6 Signs Someone is Hiding Their Feelings from You

Sometimes we can tell when someone is hiding something from us — a comfortable smile is now replaced by a slight grin. But what if someone is hiding some deeper feelings? What if that smiling friend or that ex of yours is hiding the fact that they like you or still like you? Well, there are some ways you can find out.

Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

1. They try to impress you

So you’re casually minding your own business, eating lunch outside when your classmate taps you on the shoulder. They want you to pay attention to their trick shot. They shoot and score. Hmm, you hardly know this classmate, but for some reason, they want you to notice their impressive skills.

Often, people will try to impress the one they like. They may change their behavior at first to be the most impressive and witty version of themselves too. If they’re shy, they may favor showing you that they’re intelligent or a capable partner you can trust. If they’re more outgoing, they may make a bold move and show off a skill or talent.

If you engage in a conversation and they often discuss their accomplishments and maybe even brag a little, they simply want you to notice what’s great about them because they…




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