Do Dogs Really Miss Us When We’re Gone?

6 min readJan 2, 2024

Dogs are known for their loyalty and attachment to their owners.
But do they really miss us when we’re gone?
Studies suggest that dogs do experience separation anxiety.
They may exhibit various behaviors like whining, pacing, or excessive barking.
These behaviors indicate their longing for our presence.
Dogs form strong emotional bonds with their humans.
They rely on our presence for security, comfort, and social interaction.
When we’re away, dogs can feel lonely and anxious.
They may even become depressed in the absence of their beloved owner.
It’s believed that dogs have a sense of time, to some extent.
They can sense longer periods of absence, causing them heightened distress.
However, the intensity of their reaction may vary from dog to dog.
Some dogs may cope better with being alone, while others struggle more.
Certain breeds known for their sociability tend to particularly miss their owners.
The way dogs express their longing can vary.
They may sleep more, lose their appetite, or engage in destructive behavior.
Dogs may seek comfort by surrounding themselves with familiar objects, like our clothes.
In some cases, dogs may even refuse to eat or drink until their owner returns.
However, it’s important to note that dogs can adapt to periods of absence.
Providing them with a safe and stimulating environment can help keep them calm.
Leaving them with toys, treat-dispensing puzzles, or a comforting scent can alleviate their anxiety.
Establishing a routine before leaving can also help dogs feel more secure.
Responsive and consistent training from a young age can help dogs cope better with separations.
Certainly, dogs miss us when we’re gone, but their reaction will depend on their individual personalities.
We should strive to provide them with love, attention, and reassurance when we return.
Remember, our dogs are always eager to see us, no matter how long we’ve been away.




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