Doing business must understand these three sentences

2 min readNov 12, 2022

Doing business must understand these three sentences

1. If you don’t know how to laugh, don’t open a store without a smiling face.

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The courage to smile is very powerful. If there are two people standing in front of you, one is smiling at you, and the other is looking at you with a straight face. So who do you choose to talk to, or have a crush on?

2. If you can’t praise, don’t speak.

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When you are going to speak, your words must be more valuable than silence. When you open a store and do business, you will meet all kinds of strange people. To earn his money, he must learn to be tolerant and accept all kinds of people

3. If you can’t tell a story, you don’t sell it

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Doing business has a story, and selling a product has to tell a story, if you want to sell a product, you need to spend a lot of time telling a story. The story can make customers feel immersed and resonate after listening to it so that customers can easily pay for it in your story.


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