Don’t be sad when your lover is gone, just live like this.

5 min readJun 23, 2024

“Death is not losing life, it is just stepping out of time.”

Death is like a door that separates two worlds.

When talking about the most painful things, one word often comes to mind: separation between life and death.

For some people, just thinking about it, you will never see them again, they will completely disappear from your world, and you will feel a tearing pain in your heart.

There is always a farewell between people. Husband and wife, even if they love each other again, will eventually say goodbye to each other.

This article is written to those who are widowed: Don’t be sad when your lover is gone, live like this.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

1. If your lover is gone, live well in his place.

Once, I accidentally broke my foot and was hospitalized. I met a woman about my age.

She was hospitalized because of a car accident. Timely rescue can save a life.

However, there was no anger in the woman’s eyes. The woman’s mother asked the people in the ward to talk to her more and persuade her not to be so depressed and pessimistic but to know how to cherish life.




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