Don’t compete with people with low cognition

7 min readMay 13, 2024

No one can enter another person’s mind and lead him out of the maze of thinking.

A friend of the writer Bob once participated in a TV interview.

During the recording, everyone discussed the topic of “children hitting people.”

When it was the friend’s turn to speak, he said categorically:

“Children from single-parent families are prone to violence.”

When Bob heard this, he felt that this was too absolute, so he sent this person a message:

“Confucius and Mencius also had single-parent families, but they were gentle and polite people. If you say this, children from single-parent families will have a hard time getting along.”

Later, he talked about sociology from psychology, trying to correct the other person’s point of view.

However, the other party believes that single-parent families must not be able to educate their children well.

Bob said a few more words, but his friend blocked him. Bob was so angry that he felt uncomfortable for several days.

People have different views on the three concepts, and their cognition is also high or low.

Arguing with people of different levels is a kind of self-depletion.

Not competing with people with low cognition is the true maturity of an adult.




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