Don’t do five things if you want to leave the job quickly, and don’t regret the last job

5 min readMar 10, 2024

Every friend who works in the workplace will encounter more or less some sudden situations, and there may be job changes at any time.

In today’s workplace, the rate of brain drain is indeed very large. Many young people do not pay attention to the issue of separation. What they want to do is change their jobs frequently, so that they are always at the bottom of society.

Separation is not a terrible thing. The terrible thing is that the last class cannot stand in the company.

It is very troublesome to understand the separation. Separation is not as simple as leaving the company, but it is to do a good job handover, handle the separation process, do the things that should be done, and stand in the company for the last job.

The following editor will come to share five things that you can’t do when you leave. Friends who want to know, hurry up and follow the editor to see!

Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

1. don’t preach the reasons for your departure everywhere

In the real workplace, some people are dissatisfied with the company, except for the idea of separation in their hearts, and then all kinds of complaints; anyone at work will encounter unpleasant things, as…




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