Here are eight of the most insightful sentences in the world

5 min readJul 6, 2024

In life, we are always affected by the external environment and cannot be calm, mature, and free. You should know that nothing that happens in life is accidental.

So you have to believe that no matter where you go, that is where you should go, experience the things you should experience, and meet the people you should meet.

Everything in the world is subject to cause and effect. If you understand these eight sentences, you will live a happy life.

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Don’t be confused in your heart, don’t be trapped in your emotions

If life is a glass of water, then pain is the dust that falls into the glass. No one’s life is always full of happiness and joy. There will always be some pain that will torment our hearts.

We can choose to calm down and slowly let the pain settle. If we keep stirring it, the pain will fill our lives.

Therefore, only by keeping a calm mind and not being trapped in emotions can we not fear the future, not dwell on the past, and live a peaceful life.

Most things don’t go as planned

In life, not everything can go as planned; in life, not everything can go as planned. As the saying goes, “Eight or…




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