How much a man loves you, no need to try, look at this one time will know!

4 min readFeb 16, 2024

In this real world, emotions are often elusive.

People’s hearts are like water, emotions like the wind, and how to find that unshakeable love in the storm?

Some people say that temptation is the touchstone of emotion, but the real love, or perhaps no need to test, just walk side by side in the storm, see his choice in times of trouble, you will know the answer to his heart.

Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

Life always likes to play jokes, from time to time throw out difficult questions, test every pair of lovers. When the sun is shining, love may just be an easy trip, but when the storm comes, love will become a voyage together.

Those sweet words, oaths, and promises, may become pale in adversity, but only firm companionship and selfless support, are the most real models of love.

Imagine, when you encountered difficulties, heart like a knife, whether he held your hand, told you: “Do not be afraid, I am here. These few simple words carry a thousand kilograms of weight.

It means his determination not to leave you during the storm, and his willingness to shield you from the wind and the rain and to face the unknown future with you.

The man who loves you has not only the stars and the sea in his eyes but also the determination to fight with you side by side.

He will not choose to run away or be silent when you encounter difficulties, but bravely stand by your side, and tell you with his actions: no matter how many dangers and obstacles are ahead, he will go forward with you.

This love is not gorgeous rhetoric piled up and become but in the ordinary days of silent accumulation.

It may not be publicized enough, not romantic enough, but it is like a cup of warm water, on the cold winter night for you to bring warmth.

It is not overly embellished and exaggerated, but it is enough to touch the softest place in the depths of the heart.

The love in trouble is the most real love. It does not have gorgeous packaging and intentional show-off, only the warmth of two hearts close to each other.




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