How to teach your dog to potty train — Indoor Training

6 min readJan 16, 2021

This article is about how to teach your dog to pee and poop indoors (for both puppies and adult dogs!!!)

Potty training is easy to say but hard to do

Training dogs to go to the toilet is something that everyone knows how to do, but it’s really hard to do it consistently.

But if you teach it from a young age, it will definitely come in handy on typhoon days or when you go on a trip, and you will be thankful for your efforts!

Each new parents must have experienced the collapse of the clean-up period, just bought a puppy because everything still does not know (equivalent to our Baby period), in the absence of a way to wrap diapers can only urinate and defecate anywhere, new parents need to hurry home to clean up the mess, not a moment to spare!

Potty training: Scolding is pointless

Or if the dog has just been adopted from a shelter or kennel, it may be in the same situation, because it is untrained and thinks it can pee and poop anywhere or must be held back until it gets outside on the grass.
These are unpredictable situations, and usually, you have to wait until you get your dog home to slowly unveil the surprise like buying a surprise package XD (because there are angelic dogs who go to the potty on their first day!!!)

So how long does it take for him to learn?

Actually, there is no certain time ……

Just like when we teach children to speak, each child will start speaking at a different point in time, and the time it takes to start speaking from just a single word to a full sentence after learning to speak is also different

Because of this physiological difference, and the number of times parents can give to education, each…


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