How will someone who pretends to love you very much treat you?

7 min readDec 29, 2023

If a woman doesn’t meet someone who truly loves her, she will at most grow old alone, but if she meets someone who pretends to love her, it will be worse than growing old alone, and she may lose a large portion of her property and youth.

Women who lack love are especially susceptible to this kind of dramatized expression of love, so they are deceived and must be careful.

Shallow and superficial acts of love are meaningless, and this is one of the reasons why women often feel that men change a lot before and after marriage or before and after a relationship.

Understand how to distinguish, so as not to be confused by such false love, the actual good is good, the good is just unreal.

To write in front of is, this article does not say that you are very good people have ulterior motives, or poor men’s goods are false, it specializes in writing a certain type of exaggerated pay to deceive women to feel the people.

They know very well in their hearts that they are cheating you, on the surface of good to you, but in their hearts, they may hate you hundreds of times, for some purpose to pretend to love you very much.

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Dramatized Love

Loveless people grow up in families with a lot of emotions, parents are always impatient, arguing, and whispering, so they will think that a relationship with a lot of emotions is love.

Too plain an expression is not love, but the love given by a normal person is long and slow, not so much dramatized.

This is the case with secure attachments, which are the best way to get along with each other. They are stable and calm, and will not intentionally ignore you or cling to you.

To a woman who is not in love, it is boring. They just like the ups and downs of a relationship, which sounds silly, but if they are unaware of it, they will keep pursuing such an unstable relationship.

The person who will make you feel insecure is most likely the wrong person, and how can you be happy if you are obsessed with the wrong person?

So they either fall in love with someone who does not want to care about their escape attachment…




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