How you dress is how you live your life. A happy life starts with dressing well.

5 min readJun 4, 2024

Does clothing affect a person’s personality? A netizen discovered that when the same person wears two different sets of clothes, his performance will be completely different.

She observed the same person in the study room. When she was wearing light-colored clothes, her behavior was very quiet and calm.

I spend most of my time reading and studying, and rarely make any sounds;

One day, she put on a black sweatshirt with a large area of ​​golden sequins on the back, which looked as flamboyant and gorgeous as a performance costume.

At this time, she spent more time on electronic devices and made louder and more frequent sounds.

When wearing a T-shirt, you feel very casual and unrestrained; when wearing a skirt, your behavior will be much gentler.

Does our personality determine what kind of clothes we choose, or do clothes shape our personality?

“For people who cannot speak, clothes are a kind of language, a pocket drama that they carry with them.”

The wonderful thing is that clothing is located at the interface between the body and the outside world. It is a part of the body.

It is the last barrier to protect us. At the same time, it is our choice and a mirror for us to show ourselves to the outside world.




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