If a man always replies to you with these three words, then don’t miss him anymore, he doesn’t love you.

5 min readFeb 17, 2024

Those who love me are obsessed with me, but I love for me, willing to spend a lifetime of sadness, care about people, always not right, who to who do not have to be hypocritical ……”

Sounds very humanizing.

Love needs to be watered down;

Love needs to converge into the sea.

In this way, can make a relationship, and have a life of love, with each other, love is complete.

However, in life, there is always some love, love at first sight, a beat, so the woman thought she met the love of her life, but the man’s heart, but as an onion, peeled to the end, just “hollow”.

Shallow time, mostly superficial;

The deep love of good luck needs to be sure.

If a man always replies to you with these three words, then do not miss him, he does not love you.

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“What’s up?”

Saw a movie with a scene.

A woman and a man meet briefly on a trip.

After the two parted ways, the woman always assumed that the man would come to her city of his own accord, so that their love, had a continuation.

So, she often sends some “signals” to the man, so that he can come to meet her soon.

But with a few hints, the man not only did not give her a response, but was also busy with work the reason, he no longer answered her phone.

There are a few shots, women call through, and the man’s first words are: something?

Three words, as if the road all the cold, the man’s expression, but also all the indifference and impatience.

In the plot, the woman also asked: something ah, miss you, not a thing?

Love, if it is from the boiling point fell to zero, at this time, the woman is best to be spontaneous.

Some feelings, women are always too infatuated, thinking the other side will…




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