If dogs could talk, what do you think your dog’s favorite catchphrase would be?

6 min readMar 2, 2024

Have you ever wondered what your furry friend would say if dogs could talk?

Would they choose a classic catchphrase like “Who’s a good boy?”

Perhaps they would go for something more unique like “Give me treats now!”

Maybe their favorite catchphrase would be a simple “Play with me all day.”

Imagine if your dog greeted you every day with a cheerful “Let’s go for a walk!”

Or maybe they would be more demanding with a constant “Pet me, human!”

Would they express their love with a heartfelt “I woof you”?

Or would they keep it simple with a straight-to-the-point “Food Now.”

Imagine your dog’s excitement as they bark out “Car ride, car ride, car ride!”

Maybe they would convey their happiness by saying “I love you more than squirrels!”

It’s fun to think about what your dog’s catchphrase would be if they could talk.

If dogs could talk, what would their favorite catchphrase be?




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