If you are unemployed, You can consider doing these kinds of small businesses, which are no worse than going to work

5 min readMay 19, 2024

After a person reaches the age of forty, it is a critical period for family development and life development. Once unemployed, it means that family life will also plummet.

If you don’t start a small business at this time and don’t start looking for a job on the side, you will be forced to lose your job to support your family in the future, making middle age a nightmare for you.

Real masters always prepare for a rainy day. When they are in their forties, they will have firm beliefs and principles in their hearts to make themselves successful.

After you turn 40, if you lose your job, you can consider starting these four types of small businesses, which are no worse than working!

Photo by Radu Marcusu on Unsplash

1. Set up a street stall

It is said that street stalls are the fireworks of the world. Many people make a lot of money by setting up street stalls. Street stalls are also the lowest-cost way to start a business. There are no store fees or additional costs, only manual labor costs.

When I was in college, I set up a stall in front of the school for a while. At that time, I just gave it a try. Unexpectedly, I suddenly achieved an…




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