If you think right, you will get the job done

8 min readMar 12, 2024

Busy is another year.

Many beaters around said that every year the roots begin to break up and completely lose their self-control.

“I just want to touch the fish and don’t want to do anything. ”

“ There are 100 thoughts of leaving every day. ”

「 You can lie down with peace of mind if you are sick. 」

In fact, 「I don’t want to go to work」 is not a phenomenon, 《burnout》 has passed a survey and reached an amazing conclusion:

Young people almost all over the world are more or less troubled by the emotions of 「bereavement」 and slack in their work.

Work is really not easy. It is necessary to deal with tedious affairs and complex relationships, as well as worry about unknown results.

But what is really exhausting is never the work itself, but the mental weakness.

If you try to switch thinking and get back the enthusiasm, you can do less useless work and see the turnaround in the confusion.

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1. focus in state of mind, not mood

In the workplace, someone holds the mentality of a worker and has a negative energy burst.

If you do more, you feel the loss; if you are wronged, you will be in Geng Weng.

Mentality affects people’s mood and will, and determines the state and quality of work.

The more negative, the less things are.

When the mentality is right, the work is gone.

The experience of the self-media made me feel deeply.

When the first submission, the boss asked him to talk, thinking that the style of the text was seriously inconsistent with the company’s requirements.

After get off work that day, he was anxious almost overnight, but he was not discouraged.

He found an article from his old colleagues in the company to read the research, and then changed his style and rewritten it overnight.

The next day, the boss saw the article, which was very much his progress overnight.




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