If you want to know whether a woman loves you or not, just look at these expressions

4 min readJan 25
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When people meet love, they can’t hide this feeling, because as long as they fall in love with someone, when they look at him, stars will appear in their eyes. Whether a man or a woman, after they meet their lover, they will want to get close to each other, and then accompany each other from time to time.

This kind of company can not only make you feel happier in your heart but also take advantage of the company time to take good care of each other. Because after falling in love with someone, you will want the other person to live well.

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In addition to this characteristic, when a man and a woman fall in love with someone, they may behave differently. For a man, he may show that he wants to spend his time with the other person. A man may prefer to go out to socialize, but when he has a loved one, he will hope to reduce these social activities and stay with the other person.

A woman, she has relatively little time to socialize outside, so she would want to silently accompany her boyfriend and take better care of him.

So specifically, what will a woman do after falling in love with a man? The first manifestation is that she has become clingy. Because for girls, companionship is a very important thing, of course, for men, companionship is also very important.

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However, as far as the degree is concerned, women need company more, so when she falls in love with someone, they will want to stick to him. This is why when she is not around her boyfriend, she always uses text messages or other methods to ask him what he is doing from time to time.

When a woman falls in love with a man, she becomes in love with him. In the past, the man must have done something bad, but as far as the woman is concerned, she will not correct his behavior, but when she falls in love with this man, she will make him change To do better, so I will remind him…


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