In the workplace, your leaders are afraid of you being too good

the only one who really wish you the best are “these three types of people”



After many years of rolling in the system, I deeply observed the complexity and subtlety of the interpersonal relationship within the unit. Everyone is playing a different role, guessing their respective expectations and purposes. Among them, the line between leaders, colleagues, and supporters constitutes a colorful picture.

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1. leadership: why are you afraid of being too good?

Within the system, the role of leadership is often complex and changeable. They are both mentors, evaluators, and resource allocators. The reason why leaders are afraid that employees will perform too well and have multiple reasons behind their backs.

The first is the desire for power. Leadership has a certain amount of unit Power and influence, If employees perform too well, it is easy to threaten the status of leadership. To maintain Authority and control, Leadership may have certain ⁇ and concerns about employee performance.

The second is resource allocation. Within the unit, resources are limited, and leadership is usually Master the right to allocate resources. If an employee performs too well, the leader may worry that the employee will occupy too many resources, resulting in other employees not getting the support and development opportunities they deserve.

The last is competitive pressure. Within the system, there also exists between leaders Competition. If an employee’s performance becomes a leader within the unit, it is likely to attract the attention and dig corners of other leaders, thereby putting pressure and anxiety on the original leader.

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2. colleague: why do you want to be unlucky?

Interpersonal relationships between colleagues are often more complicated. In daily work, there is both cooperation and competition among colleagues. When a colleague performs well, it is easy to trigger the jealousy…




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