“Inside Their Heart: 7 Clues Your Best Friend Is Secretly in Love with You”

5 min readJun 28

7 Signs Your Best Friend Has A Crush On You

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your best friend has feelings for you that go beyond friendship? It’s not uncommon to question whether there’s a romantic spark when you spend a significant amount of time with someone and share deep connections. In this blog post, we will explore seven subtle signs that indicate your best friend secretly has a crush on you. Pay attention to these signs, and you might discover that your relationship with your best friend is more than just platonic.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

1. Everyone Assumes You’re Already Dating

One of the most apparent signs that your best friend may have a crush on you is when people around you start assuming that you’re already in a romantic relationship. Friends and family members often pick up on subtle cues and dynamics that we may overlook. If everyone seems convinced that there’s something more between you and your best friend, it’s worth considering if there might be some truth to their observations. Take note if your best friend’s mood improves significantly when you’re around and if they treat you differently from their other friends.

2. They Catch Themselves Staring at You

Have you ever caught your best friend staring at you when you’re not looking? This could be a telltale sign that they have a crush on you but are too shy to admit it. When someone is romantically interested in another person, it’s natural for their gaze to linger. You may notice your best friend’s eyes drawn to you as you talk or when you walk by. Their presence might effortlessly command your attention, making you the focal point of their world.

3. They’re Physically Affectionate Towards You

Physical affection can speak volumes about someone’s romantic interest. If your best friend frequently hugs you, holds your hand, sits close to you, or lays their head on your shoulder, these nonverbal actions indicate a desire for more than just friendship. When someone has a crush on you, they naturally want to be physically close and show their affection through touch. Pay attention to these gestures, as they…


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