Inside Their Mind: 6 Psychological Clues Your Crush May Have Feelings for You!

5 min readJul 7

6 Psychological Ways To Tell If Your Crush Likes You

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re unsure if your crush shares the same feelings? It’s not always easy to determine if someone likes you, as people often hide their emotions or give mixed signals. However, there are subtle psychological cues that can help you decipher their true intentions. In this blog post, we will explore six psychological ways to tell if your crush likes you. By paying attention to these signs, you can gain a better understanding of their feelings and take the necessary steps towards building a romantic connection.

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1. They Act Flustered, Silly, and Sweat When They’re Around You

One of the first indicators that someone may have a crush on you is their behavior when you’re in their presence. If your crush acts flustered, silly, and becomes visibly nervous, it could be a sign that they are attracted to you. Research suggests that sexual arousal can affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for critical thinking and self-awareness. Consequently, your crush may find it challenging to maintain composure and eloquence when they’re around you. Pay close attention to their body language and facial expressions for subtle signs of nervousness.

2. They Remove Barriers Between the Two of You

Observe how your crush behaves when you approach them. If they intentionally remove barriers, such as objects or physical space, it could indicate their interest in you. Psychologist Jack Shafer explains that people tend to lean towards those they like and create distance from those they dislike. The act of leaning inward signifies an increase in rapport and indicates a desire for a closer connection. If your crush leans towards you and actively tries to bridge any gaps between you, it’s a positive indication that they are attracted to you.

3. They Mirror Your Behavior

Have you ever noticed your crush mirroring your behavior? Subconsciously adopting another person’s gestures, movements, or language is known as the chameleon…


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