Is your money investment or waste? Beware 「Reward Consumption」Make you poorer and poorer

5 min readMar 5, 2024

Learn more about how to use money to 「 get more money and more money 」.

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

A free man who can break away from the money lock will spend money 「 let the money go out and return to himself in a way that adds value. 」If you spend money on goods or services that only the present can enjoy, it is just a pure consumption and waste. Conversely, if you spend money in a way that 「 may return to your side with monetary compensation in the future, it is an investment. 」

After understanding the differences between these two ways of spending money, the next time when you open your wallet to prepare for money, think about where the money is 「 where to use 」 ─ ─ consciously examine yourself 「 This matter is quite important.

What’s intriguing is that people who know how to make money often don’t know the difference between these two ways of spending money. They like the speed of consumption and waste, and therefore their behavior is affected by their mood without knowing how to Use money correctly.

Recalling that I just debuted as a mind reader, and often performed on TV shows during the period ── work trip full gear, the content of the show often violates my mind, and the accumulated pressure makes me almost breathless. Although my income is increasing, I don’t know how to use the money correctly.

Despite buying a bunch of books, there is no time to digest and absorb. There are more books on the shelf, and I am net for the sake of sight, and I will not even return home. So I met TV stations and friends from all walks of life and enjoyed the nightlife of the city

Because of this, I have made many rich people, many of whom are successful people in the IT field, stock market operators in the financial world, and young bosses who run real estate. These people are familiar with the method of making money and can earn millions or even tens of millions of yen every month.

They drive large-scale economic activities through a continuous business strategy and efficient way of working. This is a world I can’t imagine just leaving the university campus.




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