It’s not easy to meet someone worthy of love, so don’t always think about how to transform the other person

5 min readMar 18, 2024

I’m afraid we have been able to turn around since the day we stumbled around learning to walk, but this simple action has now been forgotten by us.

A person walks stubbornly on the road, moving forward regardless of everything, always thinking in his heart that walking on is better than turning around.

Even if he is close to the cliff and taking another step will endanger his life, he still refuses to look back.

Turning around is not incompetence and retreat, but a wise manifestation of understanding the current affairs;

Turning around does not mean surrender, but the beginning of another kind of victory;

Turning around is not a simple action, but the wisdom to win a better life for yourself.

This is like a couple, when a dispute arises, they learn to turn around and learn how to get along, and they also master the best way to manage their marriage.

Photo by Annette Sousa on Unsplash

Someone once said: A deaf husband and a blind wife are the least likely marriage combination to cause conflicts.

Because in most marriages and families, women prefer to nag, and after a long time, men get tired of it.




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