“Keywords of Ideal Life”

What keywords do you need for your ideal life?



【simple life】

The simple life is a process of “redistributing all limited resources around you.”

Organize items, space, time, money, and soul to complete this interesting and rewarding life festival. Once you acquire the skills of life organization, when you face any situation, you will have a way to guide it in your own way. The way you like it.

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash


1. Space allowance:

A large space can be lived comfortably, and a small space can be lived with flexibility.

No matter what kind of space you face, you can freely control the total amount of items, leave appropriate blank spaces, and get rid of a life that is full of things and interfered with by items.

2. Money surplus:

Money is great. Even if you lose your job, you can still enjoy the financial freedom of living freely, get rid of the fixed work pattern, and choose to make money in the way you like.

Know how to spend your money wisely, and you can spend money at any time to pursue your ideals.

3. Spare time and energy:




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