Life is like a passerby, so why be persistent?

4 min readJan 18, 2024

Life is like passing through, everyone’s life is destined to meet a lot of people, also destined to say goodbye to a lot of people.

Life comes and goes, the gathering and separations, do not have to live too persistent., to learn to look down on all the past and present in life, someone will come, someone will leave, perhaps with your relationship is very good people, get along with each other for a long time, one day or will leave.

Because everyone has their own choices, has their own life, chooses a different road, it is destined to go their separate ways.

Some people may be in love, but ultimately are not the right person, and can accompany you around, maybe you once did not love people.

Some people know each other for a while, but in the end can not come together, because human nature is complex, and everyone’s inner feelings are changing, we respect others to leave, live well, and love ourselves, which is the most important.

Life is a passerby, why be too persistent?

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1. Everything between people is fate.

Fate this thing, really very wonderful, some people in the right time to meet, they love each other together. Some people in the wrong time to meet, as much as very love, but also can not come together.

The encounter between people, everything is about fate, fate should come when will come, and fate should go when will leave.

Time can mercilessly take away everything, but also will heal everything.

We must learn to accept the sadness and joy of life because the encounter is always accompanied by parting, we do not leave because of a person to deny their own, but put down the person who has left, to restart their lives.

Between people, the destiny of the destiny is destined.
Who you will meet and who you will be with is arranged.

“Manhood and womanhood are a matter of time and place, and if you miss a beat, it’s an open door.”

Yes, between men and women, some people love each other, but they miss it it is fate, almost did not meet, and often are destined.




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