Mean women always say these two sentences. It is best not to delve into them?

3 min readMar 13, 2024

What kind of mouth do people have? What kind of life will there be? Language is a mapping of inner thoughts.

Some women, talking about Qin people’s spleen, some women, with their mouths full of thorns; smart women,

Before speaking, it will be well thought out by the brain; the stupid woman, unobstructed, grinned greatly.

People of good character will leave room for others to speak, and will not let the other party come to the stage,

Not even more uncomfortable; people with bad character often talk with malicious injuries,

Land of entry and exit is often non-constant.
Both openings and closings are people of these two sentences, and they must draw a line with them early!

Photo by Abo Ngalonkulu on Unsplash

01. Always say offensive words

Some women speak, and exports will only hit others.

Talking to your partner, full of suspects, talking to your children, hitting everywhere, talking to friends, always ⁇ ; as long as she speaks, it will make it painless for others.

Generally such a woman, no one likes to take care of it in life, because she only needs a mouth,




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