Men and women have “inappropriate” relationships. What are the signs that can be seen at a glance?

4 min readMar 30, 2024

The relationship between opposite sexes actually has a bottom line, and some relationships between people cannot cross the line.

If this limit is crossed, the relationship between the two people will deteriorate, and it may even affect the relationship between the two people.

Especially between men and women, if you cannot grasp the right balance, it is easy to do some not-so-good things.

In relationships, there are some signs of “inappropriate” relationships between opposite sexes that can be seen through at a glance. If you don’t know yet, keep reading!

There are obvious signs of an “inappropriate” relationship between a man and a woman, so don’t ignore them.

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1. Uncontrollable ontact

If you want to maintain a pure relationship between men and women, you must pay attention to physical contact, because this is the most revealing relationship between two people.

If it’s not between boyfriend and girlfriend or a couple, there won’t be much physical contact.

Even if two people play together, they will only play some small games or have occasional physical contact.

When two people have close physical contact, it means that the relationship between the two people has gone beyond that of ordinary friends.

And this also means that the two people have acquiesced in their relationship with each other, otherwise there would not be so many intimate actions when playing together.

These actions all show that there are already different feelings between the two people, so you need to stop the loss in time at this time, otherwise you will only get deeper and deeper.

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2. No matter how far away you are, there will still be eye contact.

When the relationship between two people develops to a certain extent, there will be eye contact between them, and…




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