Middle-aged men and women will become more and more in love with each other, and from between them can have these three cards

7 min readFeb 17, 2024

Some people compare middle-aged marriages, to a walled city, with high walls, airtight, and everything is a bore;

Some people compare the marriage of middle-aged people to a refrigerator, thought it could keep fresh, but love put, put, become “cold”.

Visible, inside and outside the marriage, love the most real look, there will always be some bad, some helpless, some “a chicken feather”.

However, for people in this life “alive” itself, is a dynamic process.

Anytime, anywhere, will change; every moment, your feelings will be different.

Just like, one second, you are still complaining that he does not care about the family, and the next second, he came out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of egg noodles, and said to you: “Fast, eat while hot”, you are instantly warmed.

Love, that’s how it is.

There is irritation, there is joy; there is monotony, there is romance; there is triviality, there is love …… and in the final analysis, if you are in the nourishment of love, your feeling, there is only this: did not choose the wrong person.




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