Mind-Blowing: My First Time Entering a Girl’s Body!

12 min readJun 23, 2023

What is the experience of entering a girl’s body for the first time?

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Many people may wonder why I, who has always been honest, suddenly became “inappropriate.”
But actually, today’s topic is nothing to be shy about.
When we were still tiny fertilized eggs, we once swam and grew inside her body.
We may have forgotten what that felt like, but they will never forget.
Because it is one of the most important moments in their life and an unforgettable experience — she is about to become a mother.

Photo by Brennan Martinez on Unsplash

1. Decision

As it was the first time, you always quietly arrived when no one was paying attention.
Your arrival might have been just an accident, causing them to experience a “disorganized situation.”
For any woman, getting pregnant before marriage is a difficult challenge that she must face with great mental fortitude.
However, deciding to keep you, their mother, showed their strength and perseverance even then.
They had to learn to persuade parents who didn’t understand, negotiate with future in-laws, and most importantly, ensure that their “allies” were on the same side as them.

Regardless of how panicked and uncertain she was when she found out, from the moment she decided to keep you, she started learning how to be a mother for you.

2. Dreams During Pregnancy

No matter how much a woman believes in science, from the moment she dreams of you, she believes it is destiny.

She always firmly believes that it is the first time the little you have entered her dream, and you are both mutually selected and heading toward a familial bond.

Sometimes you are a little angel who flies down from the sky and holds her finger;
sometimes you are a serene deer on the grass, showing her extra intimacy;
sometimes you are a golden unicorn, falling from the world and turning into a beautiful baby…




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