Most incompetent people like these three things.

4 min readMar 30, 2024

Some people say that a person’s ability is often hidden in his three major characteristics.

To see how capable a person is, you must first see whether he has these three characteristics. If he does not have these three characteristics, it means that the person is not capable enough and is not worthy of close friendship.

A person’s ability can often be seen in his daily behavior.

For example, a capable person will arrange many things for himself and will not feel tired.

But a person who has no ability will only do some superficial work.

If you observe people who have no ability, you will find that most of them have these three characteristics.

Therefore, people who have no ability usually do this. Then some friends will ask: Do people who have no ability like to do these three things?

This is not the case. They do these three things just to satisfy themselves.

Photo by Rachel Hisko on Unsplash

1. Aim too high and wait for the chance.

A capable person never aims too high but takes a down-to-earth step-by-step to achieve his goals.

And those who have no ability,never have confidence in themselves, they always think that pie will fall from the…




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