no matter how good the relationship is, try to talk as little as possible about your “four things” in chatting with others

4 min readMar 30, 2024

Things you can’t accept. Many people have their own “bottom line”, but this is not an untouchable bottom line.

If you want to do something but cannot accept criticism or suggestions from others, it will make the other person think that you have a bad attitude, and it may even affect the relationship between you.

Things you don’t want others to know.

Many people have this feeling when chatting with others!

You always like to share your most private things, but this behavior can easily cause the other party to have a negative impression of you.

Because after others know your secret, they will think you are very unreliable, and they may even label you as a “gossip lover”.

Photo by Liza Rusalskaya on Unsplash

1. Talk less about your past

Everyone has some past, and some things may be happy.

Some things may be sad, but no matter what, these are our own experiences and are the most precious treasures in life.

When chatting with others, we must know how to keep our own bottom line and not always talk about the past.




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