On this road, you have to remember to walk alone

3 min readNov 5, 2022

On this road, you have to remember to walk alone

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The more you think, the more trouble you will encounter;
I don’t want anything, but I don’t have any trouble at all.
The more you are afraid, the more people will bully you;
You are not afraid of anything, but no one dares to bully you.
You are too kind, and others will take advantage of you.
If you are a little more sloppy, they will all come to please you.
So don’t just give in.
When you are wronged, you have to say “no” bravely.

The best life is what makes you smile.

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Don’t be too mean to those who love you

There are not many people who are really kind to you in your life.
How many people wake up when everything is about to be lost:
The generosity of love cannot be over-consumed.
Everyone has a temper, bear all the anger for you,
Just because that person loves you more than you do.

Life isn’t always perfect,
There are always bitter tears, there are always regrets for slipping,
There is always deep resentment, there is always regretful hatred.

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To live with the most natural attitude and will,
You will find joy deep inside.

There is always a certain path that you can only walk alone.

No matter how difficult a boss is, he will never give up easily.
And one employee wants to run away when things go wrong.
No matter how much quarrel or conflict a couple of quarrels,
Divorce is not easy…


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