People who really know how to talk never say these 5 things, it’s not too late to understand.

3 min readDec 31, 2023

Today, we will learn how to interact with people, what to say and not to say, and how to be a linguist.

Let’s first look at what not to say, five types of speech: sickness, complaints, worries, anger, and excessive joy.

Interpersonal communication is, the most taboo to say these 5 kinds of words, deal with these 5 points, you speak to do twice as much with half the effort.

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Don’t talk about sickness

Sickness, the feeling of a weak gas and not God also

That is, when you speak with no energy, the performance of the sick, inert, this will give a dead impression, think you lack vitality and vitality, no force and progress, not worth the appointment.

At the same time, the breathlessness of speech, also gives people a sense of disrespect, even if the body really does not feel well, enough to communicate with others, but also to say clearly, stammers to speak, time-consuming and laborious, no one will always be accommodated to your mood.

don’t talk about complaints

The one who complains has no master and no intestines.

Always complaining to others about things, as if they have suffered a great deal of aggression, a snot, and a tear, once or twice, others will sympathize with you.

But if it is often complaining, moving to complain about the dislike, such behavior is very sweeping and affects the mood of others, after a long time, no one is willing to communicate with you, because you get all the negative news here, meaningless.

No one wants to be a trash can of human emotions. At the same time, the person who complains well naturally has little commitment.

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Don’t talk about worries

Worried, closed but not leaking.

Good to talk about melancholy words, movement without movement on the sigh, said good-sounding point called have literary…




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