Raising a child who knows how to be grateful is worth a fortune,

10 min readJun 5, 2024

but raising an ungrateful child is useless no matter how good he is.

My child, your parents do not want you to repay your kindness, but they hope you will know how to be grateful.

“A unique combination of three incompatible elements: wife, lover, friend.”

“You gave birth to me, your mother bowed to me, you caressed me, you care for me, you grew up and nurtured me, you cared for me and returned to me, you came in and out of your womb. I wish to repay the virtues that Haotian has done.”

The greatest blessing for a family is not to raise promising children but to have promising children who know how to be grateful.

The sorrow of parents: they give everything but cannot raise grateful children.

Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

A discussion group with a name makes all parents tremble: Parents are a disaster.

Some of them complain about their parents’ poor upbringing, and some feel that they cannot enter the upper class because their parents are too poor.

The resentment towards his parents in his words made others feel chilled when they saw it.

This is the tragedy of parents: they give all their efforts, but they cultivate




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