Recognizing the Shift: 7 Signals Your Ex is Truly Over the Relationship”

5 min readJun 27

7 Signs Your Ex is Over You

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Have you recently gone through a breakup and found yourself wondering if your ex has truly moved on? Breakups can be confusing and emotional, and it’s common to question where your ex stands in terms of their feelings for you. Understanding how your ex truly feels can provide you with much-needed clarity and help you move forward. In this article, we will explore seven signs that indicate your ex may have moved on from the relationship.

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1. Emotional Distance

Breakups can affect individuals differently, and sometimes, one partner may create emotional distance before the relationship actually ends. In a study conducted in 2008 by Barbara and Dion, it was found that breakups are often harder on one partner than the other. This is because the partner who initiates the breakup has already started to detach emotionally and contemplate ending the relationship. If you noticed that your ex became distant or unavailable in the weeks or months leading up to the breakup, it could be a clear indication that they had already moved on.

2. Change in Tone

Every relationship develops a unique dynamic, with couples communicating in ways that are often exclusive to them. However, after a breakup, it is not uncommon for the tone of communication between ex-partners to change. While some couples may continue to interact as if they are still together, using nicknames and flirting, a 2015 study by Alamand and others revealed that breakups can lead to significant shifts in personality. If your ex has suddenly become cold, blunt, or unreliable in their communication with you, it could be a sign that they have emotionally detached and moved on from the relationship.

3. Lack of Surprise

How did your ex respond to the news of the breakup? Did they seem shocked and caught off guard, or did they appear calm and unfazed? According to a study conducted by Field and others in 2009, unresolved feelings often create a sense of shock and confusion when a…


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