Seductive Power: 6 Tempting Gestures That Leave People Begging for More

5 min readJul 8, 2023

6 Seductive Gestures Most People Can’t Resist

you’ve planned a romantic date along the banks of a French river. You’ve ordered two dozen roses, clubbed and plastered with tacky fake gold paint. You’ve purchased an overpriced fragrance that makes you smell like oregano and citrus fruit combined (weird combo). The point is, your dream date is set. But what if you want to show your partner you’re interested through simple body language or dare I say, romantic gestures? Besides just an extravagant bouquet of roses, there are several seductive gestures that most people find irresistible. Let’s explore them below:

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1. Keeping it Close

How close you are to your partner can affect how fast your bond may grow. Not only should you work on becoming emotionally close but physically close as well. Specifically, a little less than a meter apart when you’re first dating someone. This is a good space to keep if you want to show you’re interested. Moving any closer means you’re moving into the zone reserved for lovers, often only intimate partners close friends and family feel comfortable closer than a meter.

2. To Look or Not to Look

Social psychologist Michael Argyle was one of the first professionals to study how men and women look at each other. Usually, when someone is attracted to someone, they may take a peek behind their shoulder or glance their way. Once the other person notices them, they’ll avert their eyes in hopes they won’t be caught staring. You can try to tell if your crush likes you back by noticing from the corner of your eye whether or not they decide to look back. They may also be trying to avoid staring at you or simply wondering why you’re staring at them.

3. Tilt Your Head

Several studies have shown that when one tilts their head to one side while another person is talking, it indicates interest in either what they have to say or simply the person themselves. If you’ve made an impression on someone, they may just tilt their head, showing openness towards you. On the other hand, if you’d like to appear a bit more attractive, you may just want to tilt your head. In one study…




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